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    Appellant Fails to Provide Written Statement of Facts or Transcript and Circuit Court Judgment is Upheld.

    In this unpublished case, Shvets v. Shvets, the circuit court's judgement was affirmed as Appellant (Husband) failed to file a transcript or a written statement of facts at the November 23, 2021 hearing.  

    Appellant (Husband) was found in contempt for failure to pay child and spousal support previously ordered in this case and was ultimately sentenced to a jail term. Mr. Shvets claimed errors in the case with the City of Suffolk JDR and Circuit Court as the case ensued however when he appealed, he failed to provide any evidence or statement of facts supporting his claims therefore the Court of Appeals unanimously held that no oral argument was necessary and that the Court would not consider the point. 

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    Important Laws Affecting Family Law Matters

    • Virginia Code Section 20-107.3
      This provision of Virginia law governs the manner and rules for dividing martial property upon divorce.
    • Virginia Code Section 20-108.2
      This provision of Virginia law sets forth the child support guidelines-a table of reference for determining the base monthly child support obligation.
    • Virginia Code Section 20-124.3
      This statute sets forth the factors that a court will consider in divorce proceedings, temporary proceedings, or modification proceedings to determine what custody and visitation arrangement would be best for the child or children involved.

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